Robert M Garland, CFLS

A Stellar Reputation: Attorney Robert M. Garland

Attorney Robert M. Garland has an excellent reputation among both peers and clients. Among his peers, he is well known for his deep knowledge of the law and his committed to lifelong education through taking continual legal seminars. Among his clients, he is known for his compassionate and personalized approach.

The Practice

Attorney Robert M. Garland focuses on family law and handles a wide array of family-related issues, such as legal separation, divorce, alimony and child custody. Often, many family-related issues can be settled through mediation. Mediation is a series of meetings led by a neutral third party who helps partners identify and resolve issues. During the mediation process, attorney Robert M. Garland acts as a legal advisor and helps clients prep for the meetings. Mediation is less costly, time consuming and adversarial than going to family court. However, if an agreed resolution cannot be achieved, attorney Robert M. Garland is ready to take the matter to court.

He is a strong litigator before the judge or jury and will have all the needed exhibits and witnesses ready for trial. He opens with a powerful opening statement and closes with a powerful closing statement.

If you’re facing a family-related matter, turn to attorney Robert M. Garland for the best legal advice and representation. He takes the time your case deserves and listens to your concerns and needs. No question is too small, and no question is too big. Attorney Robert M. Garland has the legal answers to all of your questions. Plus, he keeps clients in the loop as their case progresses and returns clients’ calls in a timely manner.