Client Reviews

Long Term Family Law Case

Counsel Garland has done an exceptional job with my case. This case has been long and at times very emotional, but he has been obliging and available at all times. Highly recommended!

- (5 star review)

Always called me back

Mr. Garland went beyond what I expected. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain the law to me. Very helpful. He told me what his plan was and then executed it. Very professional.

- (5 star review)

You want him in your corner!

I can tell you from my experience, family court is an extremely complex science. An arena where experience, knowledge and intuition are a MUST have. Thankfully when I hired Mr. Garland as my representation I was quickly put as ease. I was extremly confident in our game plan as well as impressed with Mr. Garland’s courtroom performance. Knowing when to speak and what to say means everything. So with that being said, especially dealing with your child, I wouln’t take any extra risk and my advice is to “go with the best”.

- (5 star review)

Robert Garland is a MUST especially for fathers rights.

Mr. Garland has been my attorney for 10 years now and It’s the best decision I ever made. In addition to being an excellent litigator he is overwhelmingly versed in family and child custody law. As a man going through a divorce if you have the wrong lawyer you can lose more than just money you can lose your family. Mr Garland himself spent many years a single father and he knows from personal experience what it takes to make sure all the laws that apply to the mother apply to the father as well. I can’t see enough good things about this guy. If you’re getting divorced hire Robert Garland you wont be sorry.


- (5 star review)

Child Custody

Robert Garland represented us in a child custody case. He was very effective in presenting the evidence and exposing the facts. Additionally, Mr. Garland supports evidence with established case law, which serves as a precedent. During hearing, he is successful in protecting his clients from unwarranted attacks by the opposing party.

- (5 star review)

Robert M. Garland, Esq.

Mr. Robert Garland, Esq., took over my divorce case at its lowest point when I had no confidence that anyone would help me.

Mr. Garland was professional, logical, practical, smart, kind, and tough; which are exactly the qualities I needed to rely on in my situation. He kept me informed, answered my questions, calmed my concerns, and became someone whom I could trust.

Sitting in the courtroom, it was a relief to have Mr. Garland presenting my case. I knew he would explain what was happening and keep my interests foremost in his strategy.

I’m very grateful to Mr. Garland for the settlement that he won for me. The other party’s attorney was highly paid and intimidating, but Mr. Garland was never overwhelmed, and remained focused on the best outcome for me.

I think most people believe it is not possible to find an “honest attorney”. They laugh and say that that is an oxymoron, a total contradiction of terms. So whenever I’m asked by someone “What was your lawyer like?”, and I tell them simply “he was honest and became a friend”, they just shake their heads in disbelief. But for me, it was, and is, the truth.

- (5 star review)