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San Diego Business Valuation Attorney

One of the San Diego area's finest family law litigators, Robert M Garland works extensively with the financial aspects of divorce, especially as they pertain to business division. He recognizes how easy it it for emotion to take over when settling financial matters. Aware of the contentious nature of divorce-related business division, he take the steps necessary to ensure that all negotiations are carried out in a cooperative matter. This -- combined to his proactive approach to family law matters -- makes him the ideal family lawyer to have at your side as you strive to settle business matters related to your divorce.
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San Diego Custody and Visitation Attorney

Cases involving custody and visitation are among the most important cases that we handle. As an experienced practitioner of family law, attorney Robert M. Garland knows that achieving meaningful, effective legal solutions is critical to his clients and their children. Our firm handles a wide range of custody and visitation matters, ranging from simple time-sharing agreements to complex cases involving interstate and international jurisdiction and the Hague Convention. Our skilled attorney is an experienced negotiator and litigator who has helped countless clients preserve their parental rights and achieve the best solutions for their families.
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San Diego Family Law Litigation Attorney

The Law Office of Robert M. Garland is a family law firm with offices in San Diego, California. The firm serves clients in San Diego and Orange counties, as well as statewide. Attorney Robert M. Garland is an experienced family lawyer who concentrates a large part of his practice on helping clients resolve complex family law disputes through litigation. He is an aggressive advocate for his clients who will provide the legal counsel you need to successfully resolve your family law dispute.
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